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Harvest Feast 2018 Auction Items

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Cowboy Chef Newton

Cowboy Chef Newton is the real deal, Texas born and raised. This cattle rancher featured as “Newton”, the Cowboy Chef on MasterChef Season 8, is passionate about ranching and food, and spends his days tending the ranch and coming up with new twists on typical Texas Chow, elevating it to his own Texas Cowboy Cuisine.

Some see Newton’s Cowboy nature and Texas drawl and think he doesn’t know food, but don’t underestimate him. He’s worked with such Celebrity Owners and Chefs as Tony Vallone, Jack Baum, and Steven Pyles, where that famous drawl has drawn folks into places like The Mansion at Turtle Creek, La Griglia, Sam’s Café, Hampton’s Gershwin’s, 8-0 and Richardson’s.

Ask Newton about Texas food, and he will tell you about the dichotomy of Texas cuisine with the influences of so many cultures, from French, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Spanish, Indian and more, providing so many opportunities for culinary creativity. From chicken-fried anything to barbeque to French sauces, he really can do it all, with his own Cowboy influence.

Check out Newton’s Texas Cowboy Cuisine at Cowboy Chef Newton

“Do what you love, love what you do, and deliver more than you promise.” – Bo Newton

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